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We'll teach your company how to accurately keep records.  

that protects you from something that may have already happened in the past.  Title insurance is necessary and protects you from more than you might think. Title Insurance is a protective measure an individual or lender can take to prevent what could be a future loss from defects or hidden errors, liens or encumbrances in the chain of title.

You can’t just hope that a deed wasn’t forged decades ago.  You can’t just hope that there...


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The "What" and "Why" of Title


Express Abstract and Settlement, Inc. is committed to our customers; that means we are committed to you and to serving your needs.  Whether you are an individual or a lender, or involved in any part of the real estate process,  we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of 


The simplest way to explain Title Insurance is to show how it differs from other types of insurance. We typically understand insurance as protecting us from some event that “may” happen in our future.  Usually you pay a monthly premium for this type of insurance. Title Insurance is different.  It is the only type of insurance

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We'll help you decide what the best organization is for you. 




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service available in this fluid and ever-changing industry. We know the importance of timely and accurate service.  We know that what may be your most precious investment needs to be handled with absolute care, and demands precision and accuracy.  And for this, we have you covered.  We believe what sets us apart in this industry is not only our character, efficiency, and professionalism, but also the fact that we value your satisfaction...

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